A Personal Guide to Collecting Dice

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Collecting dice, whether it be casino dice, pips and pipsqueaks and polyhedra, is a hobby and/or passion enjoyed by many of us. This page will focus mostly on polyhedral dice resources. Disclaimer: no contributors to this website can be held accountable for any damage this hobby does to your bank balance!

So you like Dice...

Whether you own one die or a thousand dice, or don't own any and just like the way they look or sound, or are wondering why your friend is so into dice, here is some basic information that might be useful (with my own opinions thrown in).

  1. All dice collections are wonderful dice collections!
  2. Dice collecting appeals to a wide variety of people, with a variety of likes and motivations.
  3. Although, especially with auctions, acquisition of dice can become competitive, the level that you wish to engage in that is completely up to you.
  4. Don't buy dice you cannot afford.
  5. Remember that the value ascribed to dice is arbitrary once it exceeds retail prices. As with any collection, it may not be wise to look at dice as an investment.
  6. When trading or buying dice from auctions sites, buyer beware. It is recommended to run payments through a service that protects the seller and the buyer (e.g. PayPal or a similar service).


These sites are great resources for dice lovers!

Fan Groups

Note: Many manufacturers also have pages and/or fan clubs on FaceBook